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I have drawn since I have memory. At age 5 I had my story very clear when I told my teachers that I wanted to be a designer and to draw as a profession, and here I am, living the dream.


When I was 17, I started working professionally in the area and since then I have not stopped. Surrounded by great colleagues, fantastic clients, huge events, reputable educational establishments and wonderful companies that have given me one experience after another, I have grown up learning and improving my work year after year.


I am motivated by passion, dreams, ideas, quality, good attention and a future full of greatness and emotions.

A pleasure to meet you all !


"Nicole has been a dream to work with - her unending enthusiasm, and desire to dive deep into each project we work on, has been not only refreshing but also a comment on her professionalism and dedication to her craft. A tremendous talent, and continuing to grow in skill and speed." - John Cadice, CEO, Ninja Division Publishing, USA.

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I'm the first and only Chilean female artist/designer that has worked providing official visual art services to these companies: Capcom, Toei, Warner Bros, Bandai Namco, Prima Games, Nintendo, Jasco Games, Soda Pop Miniatures and Red Fox Games and have worked for 12 years with more than 25 other amazing clients and brandings worldwide (including countries like US, Japan, Hong Kong, Colombia, México, Chile, New Zealand, Italy, Costa Rica, and Canada).


A professional in illustration, character/graphic design, branding, photomontage, audiovisuals, TCG (content and framing design), university teaching, lecturing panelist, and as a guest artist at events related to art/anime/comics around the globe. I’m a high-energy, passionate, problem solving, proactive, results-oriented, committed, responsible worker, with a successful record of accomplishments in the entertainment/artistic area, such as 4 Daily Deviations recognitions in the official Deviantart.com platform, winner of 2 Capcom and Udon art contests, winner of The Core Power Hour live art contest in Deviantart, semifinalist in the Blizzard art contest “Goblins and Gnomes” for Hearthstone 2014, awarded by more than 10 Universities and educational entities around the globe and exposing art at different events internationally.

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