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For over 8 years I worked as 2D Artist, Graphic Designer, and lately Art Director for many of Jasco Games LLC. Collectible Card Games and Table Top Games as a freelance and later hired on Las Vegas, NV, United States' HQ.

Capcom has been one of the biggest companies that Jasco has worked with and these are my top favorite officially licensed arts that I created for their many IPs and Games.

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I also had the great opportunity to create 2D art and card frame designs for Soul Calibur VI from Bandai Namco.

I'm featuring here my top 2 arts for Raphael.

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Back in 2020, I got the opportunity to do official drawings, lead graphic design and Art Direction for the My Hero Academia CCG.

I did a series of 12-14 sketches to define brand new exclusive arts developed by the same studio in Japan that is in charge of creating visuals for the anime, movies, and more official merch for MHA, DNP Studio.

I can only show 1 of the sketches for the moment, but I'll be adding more when the cards are revealed.

These are now considered official My Hero Academia drawings and I have been the only female Chilean artist to draw for the IP doing licensed work.

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In 2021 I started to create regular Comic Cover Variants for Things From Another World and Image Comics.

Here the arts I did for Rain #1, and 2 collabs with the artist El Grimlock for Rogue Sun #1 and Super Massive #1.

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I've been a DeviantArt user and enthusiast for more than 16 years, 13-14 on my "newest" account.

And with the platform, we have a lot of work history. I received the highest honor to become a Senior Member in the website, I was an Official Community Volunteer, Community Relations Specialist and Graphic Design Consultant, commissioned Artist and recently I became an official Brand Ambassador.


Here you'll find some of the official Art Pieces I have created for DeviantArt for different projects. 

The first piece "The Rhythm of the Knight" is another collaboration with El Grimlock.